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Having creative mind can be greatly overwhelming at times and it really sucks because instead on putting your work out there, making something amazing and bringing value to the world, you just sit on your sofa procrastinating on Netflix or refreshing Instagram every two minutes and watching through all the Stories until there is nothing left. And that is not because you have nothing to say or no fantastic ideas, it is because you don’t know where to start, how to start, how to follow through and often how to finish. It is all just too much.

Often we start comparing ourselves to others and dismiss our ideas before we even start, doubting our capabilities, qualities and what not, sometimes whole existence. And the thing we hold so dearly and is our favourite thing on the whole planet to do suddenly becomes a burden and we might feel trapped as we are not able to do that one thing we live for. A bit dramatic, I know, but who has never felt that way about their craft or art, I would love to meet you!

First I did all this mostly for myself as I didn’t understand why this is happening. I like when things are simple, logical, somehow possible to explain. I always feel that once we find a reason and explanation for any problem, it already feels like it is half way gone and we are almost on the others side. And that is where this course comes. Over last year I figured out lot of tools and method how to be able to be creative despite having full time job and family life and I want you all to be able to do that too. We all deserve the opportunity to be creative and try to bring our thing to the world and I hope this course could be your ticket for that joyful creative rollercoaster ride!

Is the course for you?

To be able to write the course in the most useful, practical way, I did my research about fellow creatives and also looked deep down into my creative soul to find out what are the main challenges we are facing and are stopping us from creating anything. This course is for everyone who wants to stop finding or making excuses why not and want to put a bit of work into creating creative sustainable life. It doesn’t matter if you create for living or plan to, or just want to create as a way of expressing yourself or relax, either way, you will benefit from this course for sure as it will give you much needed permission slip to do whatever the heck you want to do.

If you are still not sure but struggle with one or more of following, it is also for you (quotes from you creative folks in my community):

  • Self doubt stops me from executing ideas
  • I am overthinkg/ re-think everything constantly
  • It is hard to find time and inspiration
  • I get overwhelmed from million ideas and fear of choosing wrong
  • it is hard to finish projects
  • It is hard to organise myself and focus
  • I have too many things to handle
  • I don’t know what to create
  • It is hard to organise ideas
  • I lack creative energy at the end of the day
  • Perfectionism makes me doubt my creative abilities
  • It is hard to find motivation
  • I feel it won’t be good so I don’t even try
  • Comparison makes me feel inferior
  • It always seems like it is going to be hard

You might have noticed that I didn’t mention Instagram yet. Well, this is not another Instagram course although you can definitely use all the tips for your Instagram career or any career for that matter 🙂

What are you going to learn?

Week 1

Where to find inspiration and use it for you benefit to create unique art/craft. All about originality, authenticity, imitation and innovation. We will talk all about ideas, how to create them, collect them and preserve them.

Week 2

Will be all about making creative decisions, how decision making works, how to battle fear of choosing wrong and how to make great choices in general. We will work on prioritising and finding motivation as well.

Week 3

Topic of this week is creating for life or sustainable creativity if you will. Creative habits, creative commitments and setting up creative boundaries for productive creativity. But also creating on demand and making use of what you have in the most meaningful way.

Week 4

Will be all about getting out of creative rut and the reasons why we get there. We will talk about perfectionism, imposter syndrom, feeling not good enough, procrastinating and tools how to get out of funk and how to not get there too often.

Week 5

Making ideas reality step by step. I will share all the practical tools with you about planning projects, developing concept and making it happen, how to upscale, downscale and simplity. We will go though creative process step by step to find the best process to each of you.