Honest Instagram Intervention

Honest. No Frill. No sugar-coating. Friendly. Intervention.

If you want to take over the world or become Instagram famous, I don’t think I can help you. Sorry.

If you on the other hand need another pair of eyes to see the potentials, the good and the bad about your Instagram presence, I am definitely your friend. I can look at what you do and with all my experience from my own journey but also from helping and watching others, I will tell you what I see and you might not. And the rest is up to you.

I can help you to grow your business and attract more customers.

I can help you to find creative clarity and focus.

I can help you to increase your engagement and create meaningful connections.

How I work:

  1. After you let me know you are interested, I send you a simple questionnaire to get to know you better, to find out your goals and direction when it comes to Instagram.
  2. We have a chat to find a common ground and find your focus together so I can customise my analytics as much as possible to your needs.
  3. Then I will watch. I will have a look at your profile and do a detail analysis of every aspect.
  4. After all that I will put together detailed report for you, explaining overall impression but also providing specific tips, pointing out potentials and mistakes you might be making, focusing on the things which are good and you should build on but also short and long term goals to work on if you want to move into desired direction.
  5. You have some time to read and send a follow up e-mail if there is anything unclear or you have some extra questions to ask. I am not leaving or moving to Mars, so I will be here for you.
  6. After you put it all in practise, we speak again to follow up.

This is not a coaching (but you can get some if you are interesting) and there are no tricks and shortcuts. I also won’t try to make you do something or form you into some sort of perfect Instagrammer either. I want you to stay 100% you and I want the others to see that from what you do. It is often so easy to get lost in all the general rules and rumours about Instagram and it can be overwhelming at times. So I keep it as easy as possible, structured and written down so you can come back to it any time!

Also, as I don’t sugar coat, I don’t do miracles. But we can do some magic together.

Price includes:

30 minutes introduction call

Detailed analytics based on your Instagram goals with short and long term ideas and tools how to reach them

Downloadable Instagram planner

Downloadable hashtag guide

30 minutes follow up call a month after

Price: £120

Two instalments: 2x £65

What do you say? This is exactly what you need? Then fill out the form to ask any question or book the Honest Instagram Intervention right now and I will come back to you as soon as I can! (on vacation right now, back the end of April)

What former Honest Instagram Intervention clients say about it?

“I first discovered Barbora as a fellow student on Sara Tasker’s Bloom & Grow and was blown away by her boundless creativity. She interprets every subject in her own distinctive voice to create beautiful, quirky and entirely unique photographs. So when she announced that she was launching Honest Instagram Intervention I hesitated for a moment before signing up (the hesitation was  because I was worried she might be *too* honest and I wasn’t sure I could take that unvarnished truth).

I am so glad I took the plunge. As you would expect, Barbora’s personalised feedback was illuminating and perceptive – honest, yes, but also generous and kind. Some of her advice was very straightforward, and things I could implement immediately. Some of it will take more time to put into place, but I am already feeling inspired, and am much happier with the way my feed looks and feels,”

Andrea Colvile of @littlefamilylondon

“I’ve had a hard time finding my style and confidence on my instagram feed. Barbora’s honest instagram intervention was really helpful as she motivated me to be braver and to see my profile as a whole. She also gave me instruments to plan ahead and be more strategic towards my hopes for the future. I’ve gotten some really exciting inquiries about photography lately because of my instagram profile. I’m so thankful that Barbora helped me dare more and believe that I can succeed.”
Inger Staveland of @iminfirkant



“I’d been feeling dissatisfied with my Instagram feed for a while but didn’t know how to fix it or what I wanted. Barbora’s analysis and advice helped me to see what I was doing well and where I could make improvements. I have acted upon her advice and I am so much happier with my feed now – it feels more cohesive and much more representative of me. Barbora’s advice was totally personalised to me; she didn’t just give me a generic set of rules to follow for quick-fix success but rather a guide for consistent improvement and progress. She also gave me the skills to look reflectively at my feed and start making those analytical decisions on my own. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Barbora.”

Sarah Starling  of @yesstarling