Sometimes you have to DIY your dreams

We have all been there. You really want something and it is just not out there. Sometimes, well, you just have to suck it up. Unfortunately DIY dreamy man or new shiny shoes is nearly impossible. On the other hand, many dreams are totally DIY achievable with an enormous effort, hard work and a pit of luck. Huh, it was supposed to be a bit of luck, but a simple typo can bring up the real truth sometimes! Lets face it, you usually need a whole pit of lucky clovers. And here comes one very dramatic story about my “table to be”.

So I really wanted nice, old looking, Instagram worth-it wooden table. There is a very small market when it comes to those, hard to get, but also my limited space limited that market close to zero. Lets add very limited budget to the mix and the result is = zero. So I was searching, digging everywhere. Nothing. Then I figured I could make the table myself, with my crafty skills and my boyfriend muscles, should be easy. But let me tell you, find a solid wood board wider then a standard kitchen top seemed impossible or incredibly expensive.

And then it happened! One lovely day, two days ago to be exact, I found the add on local web I like to search pretty much every day. A man was selling old barn floor boards from 1911! There were 5 meters long and rather thick and just so beautifully used! But of course, nothing is that easy. I have no car, noone with a car around really, no saw or tools to cut the boards, well, I just want the bloody perfect table!

Asking is usually for free and a price of the wood was fine so I decided to contact the man. And oh my! He was just the best, told me all the details about the wood, cut the boards exactly as I needed them and delivered them a couple of hours ago. They are amazing and my Instagram fame is totally coming with the table, right? For now I am just faking it but I couldn’t wait so I just put the boards straight on my original table. Now me and my smart handy man (which also has a brother which makes furniture for living, double luck) just have to figure out how to make an actual table out of it.

But for now, it is way more then good enough. But same as any dream, it is sort of never ending process and a lot of hard work. And you know what? The best part is, that after we are totally done with a table, I need another one for the sofa. And then a nice night stand. And a perfect cabinet for all my treasures. I am a dreamer, never-ending story.

I will keep you updated!



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  • I love how you just improvised for now and set it on top of the existing table! I actually had to scroll back up and zoom in just to have another look at it! Never would have noticed! It looks great, like out of a magazine of a really expensive furniture store! Great job and awesome how you didn’t give up on your dream of that instagram worthy table!

  • You are my kind of gal let me tell you! The wood looks amazing and I love it when the universe winks at me like that! Best of luck with your insta-fame too 😉