Simple life might not be so easy

I didn’t  know what I really wanted for a very long time. Well, one could say over 30 years. As an over-achiever and perfectionist it was not an easy task to solve really. After some heart-breaking months feeling like I have nothing to do here (and by here meaning our planet), I found out it was much easier to figure out than I thought. I just really want to live a simple life. As a perfectionist I tend to wait until more than ready and then share/act/write/do. Well not this time. I want to share with you every little and simple step while I walk the walk rather than waiting to share all I know after my life is perfect. Because the illusion of perfect life got me where I am in a first place. So no, thanks.

As Brooke McAlary from The Slow Home Podcast always says, simple doesn’t mean easy. Simple can mean something totally different for you and me and it might even change during the course of months or years. But…

… having a closet full of not fitting, crappy clothes doesn’t make life simple
… having home full of things you don’t use or remember why you have it doesn’t make life simple
… having diet based on junk and comfort food doesn’t make life simple
… having a unfit weak body doesn’t make life simple
… having a job which doesn’t motivate me enough to wake up in the morning doesn’t make life simple
… and having a six figures worth of debt definitely doesn’t make life simple, easy nor perfect

And the list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong, I have amazing boyfriend which is just the best thing which ever happened to me, I have great friends I met thanks to the social media I would never dream of, I am quite healthy and happy. I am so grateful for what I have but will all that stress hanging over me from not so great part of my life, I can never fully enjoy what I have. Imagine the loveliest picnic with a huge cloud over your head. It might rain any minute, or maybe never. But wouldn’t it be better to have an umbrella or better a tent to be safe and sound?

There is a lot to be done and I usually end up doing too much and being totally overwhelmed. So this time I decided to take is slowly, step by step, sharing with you what I learnt and found out, what works for me or not and I would love to hear what works for you! And hopefully at the end of this quest I will be able to live my simple life in a small house in the middle of nowhere, with couple of ducks, dog and cat and with a great wi-fi connection so we can still be in touch. It will never be perfect and I know that now. I just hope for happy and simple.


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  • Loved reading this! We think so alike on many things I find it unreal sometimes. I used to ve a perfectionist and type A planner too, and it’s been wonderful to realize that beautiful things happen in life when you take it slow and give it time, and just let go off all expectations, both your own and those of others. May your journey be joyful, and your dream come true! ❤️

  • Such a wonderful post! It’s great to see that you know what you’re aiming for and that life is not always perfect. I completely understand your feelings and it can be so overwhelming. Slowing down and taking inspiration from those that seem to have nailed it is exactly what I intend to do as well. I REALLY look forward to your photos from your slow home in the middle of nowhere, in fact I might have to come and join you! Looking forward to following your journey xxx