#ThisAutumnLife / Join an October Hashtag Game!

The Autumn is officially here and for many, it can be a really daunting season. It is starting to get darker, weather is moody and unpredictable and it can be hard to find a creative energy at times. But we decided to turn it around and make this season the most creative ever! That is why my dear friend Sarirah (@prettynotinc) and I decided to create an Instagram Hashtag Project for all of us to share and enjoy everything beautiful Autumn has to offer.

#ThisAutumnLife is all about stepping into Autumn and a new season in life in a way that suits you, A chance for us to come together and explore how this season can keep us creative, inspire each other and most importantly, have fun.

For me Instagram is more and more about community and I really love to see how we can support each other, appreciate creativity and build on each others ideas. That is why we created this seasonal hashtag to collect all the creative, autumnal, moody shots we create in upcoming months.

How to take part?

We are officially starting on Sunday 1st October. After you sign up to be a part of the Autumn Hashtag Project, we will send you a short e-mail every Sunday with next week topic and some inspiration to start a creative process. 

Get inspired and most importantly create and have fun. With an amazing bunch around it will be just such a treat to take those warm, cosy or cold, rainy photos and share our thoughts behind it with others. #ThisAutumLife is about living in the season and it is up to you if you show us through your photographs, videos, Boomerangs, fancy Cinemagraph or Insta Stories. Whatever you please to create is good enough and I can’t wait to check the #ThisAutumnLife hashtag to see! Just don’t forget to use the tag.

There is also a Pinterest Board for #ThisAutumLife which you can join and pin your own photographs or ideas to share with others. Sarirah and I already started pinning some lovely autumnal pictures to get inspired. And as a bonus and thank you, I will be sharing my weekly favourites on my Instagram Stories.

Are you joining? This is to sign up specifically for #ThisAutumLife Hashtag Project and consists of 4 weekly e-mails with prompts and some inspiration.









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